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Benefits of a serviced office


With no long term commitments and full time, part time or virtual options to choose from you have the flexibility to adjust your office requirements as your business requirements change.


With centres fully equipped for day to day business operations there is no need to invest in costly and depreciating equipment and services. Move in and move out with little time and effort.


With cleaning, security & maintenance taken care of, let your team focus on their job and not the hassle of running an office. Run out of milk? No worries, tea and coffee are unlimited.


With high quality internet, a telecoms infrastructure and a document centre included in your office solution you can cut out the headache and cost of having to outsource.


What are Serviced Offices?

By providing a space that is fully equipped and furnished, in a professional environment, with comprehensive office management services, Serviced offices are a flexible, hassle free and cost effective workspace solution for your business.

Why are more businesses opting for a Serviced Office Solution?

In an ever-changing economy, businesses large and small can no longer risk long term commitments when it comes to their rental options. There is nothing more important than flexibility, and whether you need to quickly expand to meet market demands or downsize to mitigate risk, the key to your business success is to remain agile.

One of the main reasons businesses opt for serviced offices is because it is a way of controlling investment risk. Your capital is no longer tied up in long term leases, unused resources, and inefficient tools and equipment. Serviced offices offer a flexible and cost effective solution for those starting out, expanding or those simply needing temporary and additional space for offsite projects.

Other factors include increased productivity by offering more locations for employees to work from, decreasing their daily commute, less time spent on facilities management and more time spent on the core business and finding work-life balance.

Why do Serviced Office Solutions seem more expensive?

It may seem the monthly rental fees of serviced offices are higher but when you work out the actual costs of conventional space compared with serviced office solutions, the serviced space works out significantly more cost effective and the non-financial benefits are of high value.

How to do I find the Serviced Office Solution for my business?

Whether it is location, culture or budget, each and every business has unique requirements when it comes to their workspace needs. With a wide range of options, our serviced office specialists are here to ensure you find the most suitable work space for your business. Contact us to find your new workspace today.


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With the friendly help and professional guidance of the team at Riiver Workspaces we were able to find the perfect office fit for our business. Since we moved in our team has expanded and we have been able to move in to a more suitable space, all in a day. I am completely sold on serviced offices and so glad we found the space we did through Riiver Workspaces. - Sandra Lee Scholtz - Onramp
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We were very happy with the service from Riiver Workspace. As a start up business we had no idea how to go about finding an office that would work for us and with our limited budget. They did all the comparisons for us and helped us get the best price. We are so happy in our space now. Thank you Riiver Workspaces. - Pershanthen Moodley - Boxcom