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How to Choose the Best Serviced Office Solution for your Business

With so many office solution options available, it is very important to ask yourself key questions when determining the right solution for your business. Whether you are a start-up, small business or an established business with many staff, a few considerations to bear in mind are:


How will my location affect my business? There are 5 main factors to consider to really determine how location will affect your business.


Will this location be attractive to good quality employees, will they have suitable means to get to work and adequate parking facilities?


Will I have customers visiting my office? If so, is the location easily accessible and does the location portray my business image?


Do I need to be close to suppliers for ease of delivery and reductions of costs?


Does it make sense to be closer or further from my competitors?


Is my budget in line with the area property rates and costs? What are the area growth forecasts?


How much space will I need for me and/or my team? If you are a one man band, is it necessary to have a dedicated office space or would a virtual office or co-working space, in a professional location work? If you have a team, what are their roles? Are they office bound or on the road? Would it benefit travelling staff to have access to drop in work stations across the province or country? Am I looking to grow my team in the foreseeable future?


How much can I spend on a suitable office solution?With many options available you can tailor your office solution to meet your requirement and budget. Start small and adjust your solution as you can afford to. If location is not too important then opt for an area that has more cost effective rental rates.


Can I afford to be tied up in longer lease agreements? How important is it for your business to remain agile. Does the discount on a longer term commitment make sense for your business?


What do I need other than an office space to facilitate my business operations? Will I be holding lots of meetings and do I require a private space for these? Do I need a professional reception or receiving area for clients? Do I need access to a document station for printing and stationery requirements? Taking into consideration these questions, will help you determine whether your business is better suited to conventional space or a Serviced Office solution such as dedicated office/s, co-working office or virtual office. If you are considering a Serviced Office Solution, give us a call to explore what options are best suited to your business.

    How accessible is the location?

Office space in a prestigious area with secure parking is obviously first prize. Renting office space with a great location and easy access to major highways and transport hubs needn’t be expensive as there are now a variety of office space choices available.

    How many employees do you have and how much space will you need?

When you consider how much office space to rent, you will need to take into account your company’s future growth as well as the original reason that you were looking for office space. Are you in the process of downscaling? Will your business be experiencing a growth spurt in the near future?

A landlord who offers flexible office space will offer a variety of office space configurations, including private or shared office space. Sharing office space also means that you can cut down on your office leasing costs, which is especially important when you are starting a new business.

    Look for office space offering flexible lease periods

Don’t get tied into signing an office lease for a number of years. If your company booms or busts, you may need to adapt your office space accordingly and at short notice. A lengthy office lease will be very restrictive. There are landlords who are flexible enough to offer you different office space without incurring penalties.

    What is your budget for an office space rental?

You will need to consider what your highest total monthly expenses will be as well as your lowest possible income and budget accordingly. Remember that if your landlord offers enough office space flexibility, you can always adapt your office space size as your business requirements change.

In addition, renting serviced office space with a centralised document station means that you won’t have to worry about building or office maintenance, cleaning services or leasing expensive electronic office equipment. A fully equipped and furnished business centre will provide you with all the tools you need, including high-speed internet. All you have to do is bring your laptop and plug it in!

I’ve got a theory, if you love your workspace, you’ll love your work a little more. – Cynthia Rowley