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Why is the Serviced Office Industry gaining so much momentum?

In response to growing job scarcity and retrenchments, there has been a significant rise in entrepreneurs and freelancers looking to establish their own businesses and kudos to them for doing so. Entrepreneurship greatly impacts our economy by developing new markets, generating wealth and creating more jobs.

As a start-up or new business venture, these businesses will generally start operating from home because they initially require very little office space and also to keep costs low. Depending on your business and home situation, this may not always be conducive to growing the business. A lot of these businesses have turned to serviced office solutions for these reasons.

1. More options to choose from

No business has a one size fits all when it comes to their office location. You may very well be able to work from home but, need a professional image and telephone answering service to be taken seriously. The Virtual office solution gives you this for a very low monthly cost. Or perhaps you have to get away from the home environment to avoid distractions and opting for a co-working office suits you just fine.

Need to have a full time office to host yourself and a team but don’t want the hassle of running an office, for one monthly and inclusive fee you can have your own dedicated office. And with such a wide selection of locations across the country and globally, with serviced offices YOU get to choose what is best for your business.

2. No Office Overhead Costs

In our turbulent economy every business has to remain agile. For a start-up business investing capital in office set up costs, like furniture and fittings, IT & telecoms infrastructure, insurance, operations and maintenance staff like cleaning and security can be quite risky. With all this taken care of in a serviced office environment, it is no wonder many businesses are turning to Serviced Office Solutions.

3. More flexibility

Following the same thread from point and 1. And 2 of options to choose from and remaining agile, another benefit of Serviced Office Solutions is the flexibility. You can adjust your business office solution to suit your business needs, whether it be expanding, downsizing or spreading your footprint which means less risk to you and more potential to make your business a success.

4. Greater Productivity

Starting and running a business can be tough and there is a lot of hard work into making it a success. Having yours and your staff’s energy focused on running and managing an office space as opposed to focusing on the core income generating activities can have a great impact on the success of your business. Businesses in a Serviced Office environment have the luxury of all these day to day runnings of an office taken care of for them Plus many more added benefits, allowing you and your staff to focus on what really matters.

5. No unused spaced and no unnecessary spend

In a conventional office setup you would typically need to accommodate space for ablutions, kitchen, reception area, meeting rooms and recreational areas. All these spaces means extra square meter rates to pay on your rent and extra space to maintain and service. In Serviced Office environment these spaces are all shared and maintained meaning you only take up the space you need, and when the need arises for more spaces you can book these areas out adhoc.

6. Valuable Networking Opportunities

Networking events are so popular because they offer opportunities to meet and connect with like-minded people and businesses who could potentially be service providers to you or better yet, your next customers. In a Serviced Office environment you have this opportunity on a daily basis, not only with the fellow office occupants but also those who are using the centre as a drop in work space on work trips or meeting room facilities and even the virtual office users who can pop into the business lounge at all times.

I’ve got a theory, if you love your workspace, you’ll love your work a little more. – Cynthia Rowley